SEI KWOK Education and Consulting service is experienced and respected in music education, training, tax, compliance management, investment, engineering and all other accessibility consultancies, by adopting innovative one-stop service. SEI KWOK provides an integrated set of compliance-based services. SEI KWOK was found in 1997 as a provider of investment consultancy, tax surveying and tax training services, after introducing the music education and compliance management categories, we have continued the value-adding process in more diversified for our clients through the development of complementary services with:

We have an excellent track record of efficient service delivery, with a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals with skills ranging from advanced technical expertise to sound 「PROJECT MANAGEMENT」 skills.

Service Partnerships

It is our philosophy and practice to always work in partnership with our clients to ensure the success of the projects.

Our clients enjoy the benefits of our single-point accountability policy, common-sense approach and skilled, enthusiastic teams. Our integrated approach and focus on early project entry, enable us to maximize the utilities to meet our clients’ needs.

Our People

The SEI KWOK team consists of skilled professionals with a commitment to maintaining up to date awareness of technological and service improvements. We work very hard to advance our professions from amount of service experiences by ensuring the successful delivery of projects regardless of the services provided and the project destinations.