For Sei Kwok, being a good steward of our inheritance and of our environment is part of who we are. Sei Kwok is a company with deep roots in agriculture of land use, climate change, water resources, farmer livelihoods, nutrition and food securities - all of which are critical to our mission and the client we serve.

And as the company grown and evolved in the very recent years, our commitment to sustainable practices and environmental responsibility has strengthened. The goals we set for ourselves in the category are ambitious along with the challenges from the disorder competition and tough economic environment. The best future is yet to come.


In the new management and collaboration models, scattered farm was centralized and to form agricultural associations. Contiguous land and unified allocation of resources increased the effective use of land area and to eliminate disorderly tillage. Scattered farms could be used as original stock in the new farm-cooperatives, further the farmers could be rehired by the new farm-cooperatives to produce more organized and efficient.


We act as a contributor and partner from the best efficient use of our energy consumption and to use our best technologies to help farmers adapt to changing weather patterns and to find solutions for the sustainable development of their industry.

Sei Kwok provide farmers with technical training, production tools and production funds to better help them adapt to adverse effects of global warming.


We oppose excessive exploitation of groundwater resources. We promote access to clean water in communities where we live and work. We install waste water treatment technology to protect local water sources. For sensitive location we install rainwater harvesting systems to stabilize the water supply for all our people.


Farmers around the world are adopting better technology at an accelerated rate, helping them increase yields, protect soil conditions and maximize profitability so they can thrive. Around the world, farmers are using tools that increase planting efficiency and allow more precise application of crop inputs, such as fertilizer, thereby boosting yields while reducing waste and environmental impact.

Sei Kwok is helping farmers at all levels of productivity to be equipped with the knowledge to improve yields sustainably, provide reliable markets for their crops and help them manage risk. These are all essential for these farmers to contribute more fully to helping achieve a more sustainable, food-secure future.

We support transparent, market-based pricing across all our supply chains so farmers know what to expect and can be sure they are getting a market price for the crops they grow and harvest and for the animals they raise. We also work with farmers to help them manage price risk and optimize returns.

We partner with farmers to advance entrepreneurial solutions by adopting the farm-cooperative. Farming is an uncertain business - markets fluctuate, weather disruptions can damage crops, a bountiful harvest or backlog of stored crops can bring down prices, etc. Farm-cooperative help farmers prepare for those possibilities so they can withstand variations from one season to the next.


Good nutrition is a basic building block of life. We play a central role in shaping a healthier future as we work to meet consumer needs within the planetary boundaries.

As the world’s food needs grow and change, our partners can rely on Sei Kwok to deliver solutions that reflect advances in science and our understanding of the social, economic, and cultural forces that influence food access and choice. We balance the driving influences of science and food values as we navigate today’s complex food system from field to table.


At Sei Kwok, we are focused every day on ensuring that people around the world have access to safe food. We believe agriculture can meet the rising demand for food. All farmers are resilient entrepreneurs who are increasingly doing more with less. We partner with farmers to advance entrepreneurial solutions to increase productivity and incomes, promote sustainable agriculture and strengthen communities, and adhere spontaneous food safety detection in our farm-cooperative.